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In May 2011, the Austrian Network for Patient Safety founded the working group “Dealing with non-German-speaking patients” in cooperation with the Austrian Federal Ministry for Health.

A few months later, following the academic conference “What level of German-language proficiency is necessary in order to stay healthy? Migration, health, and translation,” the pilot project “Video remote interpreting in healthcare” was initiated. The concept was developed by the Austrian Network for Patient Safety in cooperation with the Institute for Ethics and Law in Medicine, the Austrian sign language association ServiceCenter ÖGS.barrierefrei, and the Centre for Translation Studies at the University of Vienna.

scientific insights often lead to succesful corporate action

On October 7th, 2013, the project was launched in twelve hospitals and ten medical centers.

SAVD Videodolmetschen GmbH was founded in March 2014 after a successful test phase and a scientific evaluation of the accompanying study. While services used to be provided for healthcare facilities only, SAVD Videodolmetschen GmbH has extended its objective to provide services in other fields such as asylum seekers’ affairs and public administration.

As early as 2015, the company decided to focus on the entire German-speaking market. This means on the one hand that clients can benefit from a large number of highly qualified interpreters, while on the other interpreters benefit from assignments in a wide range of fields.

efficient use of resources

Towards the end of 2015, SAVD Videodolmetschen won a nationwide tender in Austria worth more than €30 million. This will guarantee a high-quality and legally secure video remote interpreting (VRI) service in all public bodies for the next five years.

Our partners include prestigious companies such as Cisco, NTS and A-Trust. They support us in providing aid to those organizations, which are most desperately in need. Our company serves several hundred clients from a wide range of industries. Every day, our users benefit from a cost-effective, legally secure solution, which reduces employee workload.

Europe is coming closer together

In early 2016, services were extended to cover weekends, public holidays, and nights in order to make VRI available 24/7. Health care, the executive, and public bodies in particular depend on fast and on-demand availability. Due to the impressive success we have achieved, major efforts are being made to introduce video remote interpeting to further countries in Europe. As the world’s top city for quality of life and a multicultural metropolis, Vienna is an ideal starting point for a European solution.