Step 1

Make contact

Simply call us or write to us. Soon after, you will receive information materials or, if you would prefer, be called back by one of our customer advisors.


Step 2

Determining your needs

Find out which parts of your company need video and/or telephone remote interpreting. With our many years of experience, we will be more than happy to help. It will only take a few days to arrange a personal visit, a video or telephone conference..


Step 3


Appoint a project manager whom we can contact quickly and easily. During an on-site training course, we will provide you with all the important information you need to use our services without any problems. One of our trainers will always be close at hand.


Step 4

Start video or telephone remote interpreting

You and your colleagues will now receive quick and high-quality support from our service! Contact:


Risk management

The fact that there is now a law pertaining to amost every sphere of life presents a huge challenge for risk management. With the aid of our service, risks can be significantly reduced and damages avoided. 

Data protection departement

The great number of data protection laws—which have to comply with national as well as EU specifications—is immensely challenging. Our solution is tailored to all of the aforementioned regulations. We will be happy to include any special requests you may have in our service contract.

Quality management
A quality manager’s work is determined by the requirements of their daily routine with clients and patients on the one hand and by labor legislation regulations for employees on the other.

Legal departement

Our service contracts are standardized legal documents. What’s more, we will work together with your risk management department to make sure that you are legally protected thanks to our standardized solution. 


Due to the advent of optimized case management strategies, almost every procedure in every organization is monitored continuously. Using a video remote interpreting solution, where there are no extra costs and no additional administrative workload, will always serve you better than internal solutions when all of the actual costs are taken into account—meaning that there are also financial advantages to using VRI. 


Decision-makers always need to keep a watchful eye on each corporate entity. Optimum use of resources, reduction of employee workload, and legal certainty are exactly those areas in which sustainable positive effects can be achieved with video remote interpreting. 

Policy makers

While balancing the permanent challenge of possible and desireable policies, your work and your decisions are being evaluated publicly. Consequently, it is essential that you make decisions, which are sustainable, transparent, and responsible.

Request information

Responding to your inquiry is our highest priority: we strive to send out information on our services on the very same day we receive a request. We will also be happy to create a test account for you free of charge.

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Free trial

Due to the simple WebRTC solution (Real Time Communication), your IT department will find it easy to get to know our user-friendly system. You will receive information about system requirements, which clearly explains how to install the technology.
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Launch video remote interpreting services

Even before the contract has been signed, we will be happy to visit you on site to introduce you to video remote interpreting and answer any questions you might have. You can then trial our service over a max. three-month test period.

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