Our requirements

Like our clients, we value well-trained and qualified interpreters highly. That’s why we only work with certified court interpreters or interpreters who hold a relevant university degree. Exceptions are only made for languages for which no university-based programme exists in the German-speaking world. Together with the German Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ), we initiated a certification course for lay (video remote) interpreters in health care and social services for these languages.

Advantages of VRI for interpreters
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    Work from home

    We offer flexible and independent work—either from your home or the office.
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    Various contract and payment solutions

    In addition to full- and part-time employment, we are also interested in partnerships with freelance interpreters. It is up to you how much time you would like to spend working for our clients.
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    Access to peer interpreters

    A survey conducted in 2015 showed that interpreters consider it highly desirable to have the opportunity to communicate with fellow interpreters on a regular basis. With us you have the opportunity to contact colleagues via chat, audio, or video.
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    Further training opportunities

    Further training is one of the most important things we offer. Especially because of the various settings and customers we work with, we offer interpreters access to a knowledge database, which is continously expanded. Customers’ glossaries and termbases are regularly made available so that you can prepare yourselves for interpreting services in the best possible way.
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    Support after working under crisis conditions

    We provide our interpreters with the necessary support after working in difficult interpreting situations. Our supervision system makes sure that no interpreter is left alone with their stressful experiences and that everyone receives professional help.


In order to ensure rapid but sustainable growth, we require dedicated employees who are there for our interpreters when they need them.